Monday, March 7, 2011

The Progress Thus Far (Week 7)

One of the prettier of my
first four notches.

(Also, I recently found out that for more detail, you
can expand the pictures by clicking on them.)

In the past couple of days, there have been exciting happening in the woods of Waldo: I started on the walls of my cabin. This meant finishing the peeling of two of my larger logs with a draw knife and cutting my first notches. The question remains, how is one supposed to cut a round notch with a straight saw? As it turns out, with great difficulty and limited success.

If I can continue at this rate, I will be finishing my cabin around the time of the next presidential election. Hopefully, as the logs get smaller and I become more competent, my progress with be quicker.

And never say that I'm anything but lucky. Shortly after posting on Thursday night, I decided (or rather, once again, my truck decided for me) that it was time to give lots of my money to a mechanic. This time it was a new alternator. That was fun.

(Also, Mom, I shaved, so you can once again admit to being my mother.)

Peeling the remaining cambium
with a draw knife.

Working on one of my notches. For
every piece of saw dust that flies out
of the back of the saw and onto the
ground, several more somehow find their
way into my shirt, pants, pockets, and socks.

The first layer of my walls.


  1. 1. why would one ever "go canadian"?
    2. do you get sawdust in your belly button?
    3. this looks awesome; i'm so impressed.

  2. 1) I have no idea. From what I can tell, Canada and everything from that God-forsaken country is highly questionable.
    2) In preposterous amounts. Seriously, it's ridiculous.
    3) Don't be too impressed, I blame most of my progress on a hearty dose of luck.