Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Progress Thus Far (Week 6)

So, at long last I'm done collecting logs (hopefully for good--I might have to pull in a few more later on) and serious construction has begun.

Peeling one of my floor joists.
As it turns out, processed  lumber is expensive and I'm very poor, so I'm going to have to try and make do using as much raw timber as possible. Instead of framing my floor out with lumber, I took my largest log, split it in half lengthwise for two additional floor joists. I went ahead and pulled the two halves onto my sill logs and peeled them up there. Then I peel the cambium off with a draw knife, notched the ends, and recessed them into my sill logs.  

With that task done, I'm now ready to start raising my walls.
My sill logs and floor joists in place and needing walls

Some assembly required.
My worksite shortly after installing my last floor joist.

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