Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Closing In On Complete

I'm almost done with my cabin. This past weekend, unable to wait for it to be completed, I went ahead and moved in once I had the roof done. It feels pretty amazing to sleep in a cabin that you've built.

With the roof attached, I'm working on covering the gaps between my roof and the tops of my walls and weatherproofing my walls. And a door. I need to build a door.


  1. Mabrouk buddy! I'm super proud of and happy for you :) Enjoy it.

  2. I've clearly taken an extended communication hiatus, only to find that you've taken the childhood pastime of Lincoln logs to a whole new level. This is also such a better allocation of time than slowly losing the last shred of sanity I had thanks to another glorious season of finals. As far as cabins build with your bare hands go, I would say this is top of the line real estate.