Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making a List, Checking it Twice

In my effort to leave town, I keep stumbling upon the same question over and over again: "Am I gonna need this [insert random object] in the next couple of months?" With limited space in which to pack, I attempt to be pragmatic. However, in my mind, I can create an almost endless stream of scenarios wherein an ornamental vase or box of thumbtacks might be essential to my success or survival.

Despite my early childhood dreams, I now realize I could never be an astronaut. I can't imagine some NASA handler having to patience to persuade me that a rubber chicken will not come in useful on my 5 year mission to Mars.

Will I overcome my innate desire to bring along the kitchen sink? Will I leave my home in Brevard, NC for the woods of Waldo, AR? At this point, it's a crap-shoot--place your bets.

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